Birch Tar Essential Oil

Birch Tar Essential Oil

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Botanical Name:                Betula lenta                                                        

Family Name:                    Betulaceae

Origin:                                 USA                           

Method of Extraction:        Dry distillation of the bark of the birch tree   

Note:                                      Top                                         

Colour:                                  Black              

Aroma:                                  Pungent          

Main Chemical Components:   Acids, Esters, Sesquiterpenes

Properties:   Analgesic, diuretic, antiseptic, depurative, disinfectant, insecticide, tonic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic

Method of Use:  Dilute in a carrier oil before massaging onto the skin.  Assists in bone, ligament and tendon repair.

Contra-indications:   Skin irritant and toxic.  Use short term in low dilution.  Avoid with anti-coagulant medication. 

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