About Shelley

Shelley Monrad qualified in Aromatherapy and Reflexology with ITEC and Shirley Price Aromatherapy in the UK back in 1991.  She has almost 30 years experience in these modalities, and has done various Post Graduate courses in the above ever since. Her passion started with Aromatherapy and Pregnancy and has continued with Children, Women's changes and Breast Cancer. She is registered as a practitioner in New Zealand under NZROHA (www.aromatherapy.co.nz), & Reflexology NZ,(www.reflexology.co.nz).

In the early days, valuable experience was gained through working in a Time Share resort in the highlands of Scotland. Later Shelley and her family moved to NZ, in the Coromandel where Shelley worked in the Mercury Bay Pharmacy treating clients. Back then there was no Physiotherapist in town, and the results with aromatherapy massage and the oils was profound.

Shelley opened Aromaflex in Nelson in 1995. This was unique for New Zealand, providing a retail shop specializing only in Aromatherapy. Essential oils being sold by the drop & mls & individual specialised blends made to suit the needs of each customer all carefully dispensed by a trained Aromatherapist. It was a way of using her Aromatherapy qualification without always having to massage clients, by making up prescription blends and obtaining their feedback and listening to the success stories of how they worked and the delight it gave the peoples of Nelson. At that time, Shelley had 10 different brands. It was interesting smelling and working with them and she couldn’t believe, how the smells and quality could vary so much. So over the years as she saved and her confidence grew, she finally found suppliers to source directly from farms around NZ and the world to obtain the best medicinal grade she could possibly get. What a difference!

There are stories behind the blends, synergies and sprays, and when you visit the shop you will experience for yourself, this labour of love, passion for the people and a remedy to assist you along your way.

“Blending is a fathomless subject and it reminds me of art, the various formations and combinations of smells and colours you can create.  Blending is only limited to the person that is blending.”