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An essential oil a natural volatile extract obtained from plant’s specialized cells. The various parts of the plant, be it leafs, flowers & roots are crushed and processed by distillation.  Through this process essential oils become very concentrated and intense.  They are highly volatile and soluble in fats but are not oily.  Consistency more like water than oil. View the Essential Oils range. Learn more at Aromatic Care




A Synergy is a combination of more than one essential oil. The chemical components of various essential oils are enhanced when formulated together.  They are highly concentrated. Dilution is advised. View the Synergies range. Learn more at Aromatic Care




Carrier oils are cold expressed from the seeds or fruiting body of plants. They contain many vitamins and minerals and provide lippic acids and other valuable properties to benefit your health. Used often in massage and other facial products as they are oily. Good for transporting essential oils into the skin due to small molecular structure. View the Carrier Oils range. Learn more at Aromatic Care 




A Blend is ...1 + 1 = 2. Take an Essential oil + A Carrier oil = Combine to make a Blend. With quality blends, molecule size is small enough to be absorbed into the skin through massage. Blends are fragrant and provide good inhalation from use. View the Aromatherapy Blends range. Learn more at Aromatic Care 




Hydrosol is a chemistry term meaning “water solution.”  It is derived from the Latin hydro, meaning “water,” and sol, for “solution.”  In Aromatherapy, hydrosols are also known as hydrolates, hydrolats, floral waters, and plant waters.  Hydrosols are a by-product of distilling essential oils.  Used as base products for Aromatherapy sprays, mists and other beauty products. New research shows they have specific healing properties.  Hydrosols are more gentle as they only have small amounts of essential oils found in the distillate. All Aromaflex Hydrosols are grown and sourced in New Zealand. View the Hydrosols range. Learn more at Aromatic Care




A mix of hydrosol and essential oil drops.  Specially formulated for various conditions and wellbeing.  Sprays can be used on the body and around the home and office etc. View the Aromatherapy Sprays range. Learn more at Aromatic Care