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Medicine Cabinet

Aromaflex oils are tried, tested and trusted for over 20 years


To choose the best product use:


Gentle and effective for overall wellbeing. Suitable for young and old, day to day routine


Burners, inhalations over water or on tissues, compress or bath-poisonous with incorrect use 


Personal spray and the places you stay. Light, easy and oh so effective; Hydrating, bacteria busting, harmonising and balancing


On skin; harmonise with oils of choice and enjoy natural perfumery products

Burners for home, work and office spaces 

Light a fresh tea candle, heat approx 2 tablespoons of clean water, add 3-6 drops of your choice of essential oils to the water 

Clays, waxes and balms for making your own products 

Try the Aromaflex DIY Kits. So simple and fun 


For efficient use of essential oils and blends to relieve an affected area, reduce pain and swelling; increase blood flow and circulation

Direct Inhalation from bottle

Safe and simple

If you suffer from the following ailments Aromaflex recommends:

ACHES and PAINS: Use General Aches and Pains

ACNE: Use Acne Blend 1 and 2

AFTERBIRTH CRAMPS: Afterbirth Cramps blend

ANXIETY: Harmonising Hydrosol, Bergamot Essential Oil

ARTHRITIS: Arthritis Blend, General Aches and Pains

BREAST PAIN: Soothing Breast Blend, German Chamomile Essential Oil

CANCER: ABC Peace Synergy, ABC Lymphatic Drainage

COLD SORES: Geranium Essential Oil

ECZEMA: Eczema Blend

HORMONAL IMBALANCES: Hormonal balancing blend, Geranium Essential Oil

LAST STAGES OF PREGNANCY: Last Stages Pregnancy, Lavender Hydrosol, Almond Carrier Oil

LACK OF LIBIDO: Sensuous BlendYlang ylang essential oils

NAUSEA: ABC Peace Synergy

NITS: Nit Buster Hydrosol

OVERWORKED: Hard Day at Work Spray, Harmonising spray, Relaxation blend

PANIC ATTACKS: Harmonising Spray, Bergamot Essential Oil

SLEEPLESSNESS: Adults Sleep, ABC Peace Synergy

STRESS: Feel Good Synergy

WRINKLES AND FINE LINES: Nourishing Facial Blend, Rosehip Carrier Oil, Jojoba Oil

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